Insalate e Zuppe


Insalata di rucola con pomodorini, parmigiano e carciofini

Rocket salad with cherry tomatoes, 36-month aged parmesan cheese & Italian artichokes in oil 380B


Insalata di aragosta

Mixed organic salad with grilled rock lobster & avocado cream 650B


Insalata di mare del Lenzi

Mixed green salad with raw ocean trout, 10 seconds grilled Hokkaido scallop, 5 seconds steamed prawn, avocado, cherry tomatoes, aged balsamic, green sauce & deep fried leek 660B


Insalata di rucola con pomodorini, Parmigiano 36 mesi e salsicce dell’Antica Norcineria alla griglia

Grilled Tuscan sausages from Lenzi’s Farm, 36-month aged Parmesan & rocket salad with cherry tomatoes 650B


Zuppa cremosa di mais e polipetti alla Lenzi

Lenzi’s Style creamy sweet corn soup, slow cooked baby octopus braised in tomato sauce 300B


Pasta e fagioli

Classic recipe of Tuscan beans & pasta soup 320B


Minestra della Garfagnana

Mixed legumes & vegetables soup from Garfagnana, Tuscany 350B

La minestra della Garfagnana

Hulled wheat, a very ancient cereal disappeared almost everywhere, survives in Garfagnana in Tuscany where it is sown in autumn on a previously prepared soil, using dressed seeds deriving from the local population of Triticum Dicoccum. The production must take place without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides; given the high rusticity of the plant, the hulled wheat cultivated with the traditional technique is in fact a biological product. Thanks to the climatic peculiarities of the area, to the characteristics of the land and above all to the care of an absolutely natural cultivation, hulled wheat I.G.P. Garfagnana is the only one that does not need to soak and keeps cooking five times more than any other hulled wheats. The harvest is done in the summer and before being used, the hulled wheat grain is shone in the ancient stone mills of the territory where it is regularly used to make the famous hulled wheat soup and the inimitable piquant pies.


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