Il Forno e la Griglia a Legna

Wood Fired Oven

Branzino del Mediterraneo al profumo di rosmarino    

Roasted wild Sardinian sea bass with zucchini, onion, cherry tomatoes, carrots & Olives

1 Fillet 820B2 Fillets 1400B


Agnello alla cacciatora

Roasted Tasmanian grass-fed lamb racks with olives, rosemary & shallots in red wine sauce 2500B

(Suggested: For 2 persons)

Wood Fired Grill

La Fiorentina

Grilled Queensland 240-days grain-fed Black Angus beef T-bone steak served with roasted potatoes 2900B/KG

(Temperature Suggested: Rare – Medium Rare)


Costolette di agnello

Grilled Australian lamb Racks, creamy beetroot potato & SautÉed spinach 1090B

(Temperature Suggested: Medium Rare – Medium)


Tagliata con rucola, parmigiano e pomodorini

240-days grain-fed Queensland Black Angus beef tenderloin, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, aged balsamic & 36-month aged Parmesan cheese 1090B

(Temperature Suggested: Medium Rare)

Unique in Bangkok – La Pietra Ollare – The SoapStone

Considering the importance now attached to organic and natural food, the right equipment and cooking methods are indispensable.

Pietra Ollare” brings us back to the dawn of culinary history, to the time when metal implements were not used for cooking.

Thanks to its special thermal properties, “Pietra Ollare” is a very useful tool in the kitchen, and offers lots of advantages for a healthy diet:

  • food can be cooked in an integral way, and not only through the bottom;
  • it’s immune to the action of alkaline acids, Pietra Ollare keeps the composition of food unaltered, without releasing waste substances;
  • withstands high temperatures, up to 800° C;
  • nonstick properties, this prevents food from burning easily and sticking to the bottom.
Soapstone grilled seafood in Bangkok Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen
Soapstone grilled seafood in Bangkok Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen
Soapstone grilled seafood in Bangkok Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen

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